SOS. The embroidery muse is gone. What now?

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Cross embroidery is a highly addictive hobby and one of the most effective ways to relax, get rid of stress, anxiety or even harmful habits. However, sometimes inspiration for embroidering can also disappear in this hobby.

We share the time and embroidery-tested ways to call the embroidery muse.

1.     Joining to games.

Extremely popular embroidery games abroad conquer the hearts of Lithuanians as well. Since the games take place both individually and in groups, it is a very great way not only to progress in embroidery processes, but also to find like-minded people. Game tasks can be related to the number of embroidered crosses, embroidered colors or embroidery details. Currently, regular games take place in the following Lithuanian embroidery groups: "Kryžiukų namai <3" and „Siuvinėjam kryželiu be streso“ ("Cross stitch without stress")

2.      Track your embroidery process

Embroidery progress always motivates, so we invite you to try to follow your process: 

2.1. observing the embroidered work embroidered percentage;

2.2. setting a daily goal to embroider a specific number of crosses or plan the entire embroidery process with embroidery stages and the expected date of completion of the embroidery;

2.3. participating in various embroidery games.

Cross Stitch Saga (a costly app), Cross Stitch Paradise (free) is particularly suitable for tracking progress.

3.      Have multiple jobs

Very often, motivation can disappear when embroidery of large works or when the weather warms up. Therefore, we recommend that you have several embroidered work 1 large main and at least 1 smaller, which would be extremely convenient to carry with you. In this case, you will be able to embroider in free minutes:

3.1. travelling by train, bus or car;

3.2. waiting in line in medical institutions, hairdressers, etc..;

3.3. while resting in nature.

Embroideries on plastic or wood plates are especially suitable for this. These embroideries do not require an embroidery hoop, are easily assembled in a handbag or a small cosmetic. All embroideries on plastic and wood plates can be found here: 

4.      Manage embroidery organization

Probably every embroidery is faced with missing needles, threads without numbers and all the other chaos in the embroidery pantry. Especially in cases where there are not 1 and not 2 drafts, but so many of it. In such cases, each embroidery process must be completed separately. Especially useful means for embroidery:

4.1. needles – in needle-case;

4.2. yarn in yarn sorters;

4.3. beads – beads in organizers;

4.4. embroidery – twisted into a roll or frame;

4.5. everything that is required for a particular embroidery is placed in the bowls or boxes.

All tools for both embroidery and storage of means can be found here: 

5.      Have a ritual

The daily ritual will not allow you to lose motivation to embroider. It's not hard to create one. So set:

5.1. time of day when and how much time you will spend embroidery;

5.2. what days, what embroideries will you embroider;

5.3. how you will approach embroidery. Maybe you'll take 30 minutes to drink tea before you start embroidering and watch the embroidery news on Instagram or embroider by sipping coffee and watching videos of embroidery on Youtube.

6.      Discover inspiring designs

This is one of the most popular ways to return to embroidery. You can be inspired not only by the uniqueness of the design itself, but also by what thoughts are caused to you: visuals of how it will look embroidered, how it will be decorated, where the staples will be, what will be used, etc..

Photos of inspiring ideas and embroidered works can be found on the Facebook group "Mano Palėpė". Group. Here we share our own examples of embroidered works and those provided by manufacturers.

7.      Mix your hobbies

One process or one hobby can get tired. Diversity is therefore important. One of the proven ways is to have a few hobbies. You can spend one half of your time embroidery, the other half, for example, reading books, knitting, crocheting, sewing, laying diamond mosaics or just walking in the fresh air.  Embroidery every other day is also suitable, as well as allocating the daily time of the hobby to the maximum of one hobby.

8.      New experiences

Cross embroidery has surpassed stereotypes for some time and more and more embroideries are applied in practice. Currently, you can choose not only standard embroidered paintings, but also:

      8.1. embroideries on plastic, wood plate, clothing;

      8.2. cushions, rugs, tablecloths, handbags;

      8.3. bags, tabs, postcards;

     New challenges can inspire new jobs and look at embroidery with other eyes.                             

          For your convenience, you'll find all these topics in the themes section by selecting embroidery sets.


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