MP Studija. How to choose the right set for cross embroidery?

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Sets for cross embroidery are one of the easiest ways to start engaging in an embroidery hobby. The kits contain everything you need for embroidery. However, it is necessary to know the main criteria that will make it easier to choose the most suitable set.

Meet the MP Studija manufacturer 

MP Studija – a young company based in Russia in 2005, creating sets for embroidery with a cross, beads and ribbons. A very wide and constantly updated range of products conquered the heart of many tailors. This manufacturer has released several series of sets that have a separate numbering, distinctive style and set-up.

For an easy start.

SM series sets are small and designs - simple. The most common collection is Gamma Aida 14 ct; Gamma thread on a convenient sorter; a black and white diagram printed on the inside of the cover of the set; easy instruction on how to embroider. There is no needle in the sets of this MP Studija series. Need No.24 Needle.

Merchandise embroidery.

SVseries sets are designed for embroidery on clothes. In the suite of these MP Studija sets, instead of the usual Echo, you'll find a water-soluble 14 ct canvas. This canvas is attached to the desired garment or other material base. After embroidering the design specified in the set and washing the embroidered canvas, the canvas is gone. The kits in this series also do not have a needle.

SR series sets are designed for embroidery on plastic canvas. The kits in this MP Studija series stand out for their breadth of range: from Christmas toys, keychains, dream traps to magnets or double-sided decorations. Instead of the usual Aida, the kit contains a 14 ct plastic canvas (white or translucent) and additional accessories (beads, felt, magnet, etc.) needed for the completeness of the embroidery. Unfortunately, in the sets of this series, needles are also not.

SO series sets are embroidered on thin, 3 mm wood plates. There are not many of them yet, but the manufacturer tries to surprise the embroiderer who has seen everything. So far, there are only rulers and threads spool.

Complete kits.

SNV series sets have large A4 format packaging and includes a separate cardboard cover; Gamma Aida; Gamma thread; needle; a color scheme printed on a separate sheet; easy instruction on how to embroider.

SRK series sets the only one of all MP Studija sets have Aida on which the background is pressed. The rest of the set resembles SNV series sets.

SA – one of the latest MP Studija sets in the series. The sets marked with this abbreviation for embroidery have exceptionally beautiful, as if painted watercolor designs. Also to extract this effect, the usual Aida replaced Evenweave Linda 27 ct. For the convenience of the tailor, the scheme is printed on a separate sheet, in two variations with edging and without edging. In this way, the scheme is easy to read and perfectly visible all the characters used in the scheme.

Getting acquainted with all the MP Studija sets series will make it easier to choose the set you are interested in, which will meet not only your wishes, but also the possibilities to embroider it.

All MP Studija Kits are:  here


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